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The Rhode Island Oil Club provides you with low cost and affordable heating oil delivered right to your door. We are an online heating oil purchase and delivery option for customers who want to order low priced heating oil with ease and efficiency.

The Rhode Island Oil Club has three simple steps.

1. Become a RI Oil Club member, there is no fee. (Click here to become a member)
2. Check our low daily market price for heating oil. (Yes it’s low, and is posted at the top of the page)
3. Make your online purchase. (Already a member? Click here to order your oil)

Then, we deliver.
Yes, it’s that simple. We keep it simple so our members benefit in the form of low cost heating oil deliveries to their homes and businesses.

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If you have any questions or want to learn more about us visit our FAQs and About Us pages, or please call 401-353-2386.